A downloadable game for Windows

This is my entry for the Ludum Dare 34 compo.

Join Clara Stirzaker, adventurer and treasure hunter, as she explores the Crypt of Time in search of ultimate power.

Clara will move around the tomb on her own. When she encounters a wall she will turn clockwise.
Press 'j' and 'k' on the keyboard or click/touch the left or right part of the screen to activate either the blue or the red pillars in the crypt. This will change the layout of the level and allow Clara to find the exit.

Press 'r' on the keyboard to restart the level if you get stuck.

Good luck!


clara_stirzaker_and_the_crypt_of_time.zip 4 MB


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I loved the visual and audio in this little puzzler. I'm also pretty bad at puzzles, but hey, still had fun!

I featured this in the 7th part of my LDJAM series, check it out here: